Material for Djembe Head Replacement

Material for Djembe Head Replacement

My drum head is destroyed because someone made some large holes and now it is unusable. I need info on how to replace the head myself. Where do I get the material for a djembe head replacement?'s Answer:

Hello there,

To replace the head of an African djembe, you will need the following material and tools (klick the links to find out where to get it):

  • a good African goat skin (with hair or shaved)

  • a big bucket of water to soak the skin

  • a thick mallet or a djembe rope puller to tighten the rope
  • a sharp knife or scissors to trim the edge of the skin

  • a couple of double-edged razor blades to shave the skin

To learn how to correctly replace the skin, check out the detailed step-by-step instructions in Kingy Mensah's djembe head replacement guide.

Good luck and enjoy repairing your drum!

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