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Who's Behind This Website?

I'm Helen, Swiss, author of this website. I neither have musical talent nor a degree in ethnomusicology, sorry. Instead, I believe I have something in common with you:

A passion for the African continent!

Helen of African-Music-Safari.com

I've always been fascinated by Africa, even though I didn't know much about it. My only connection to the continent were some years of African dance and djembe classes. Until 2006, when I decided it was time to finally realize my dream:

I quit my job at IBM Business Consulting Services and moved to GhanaAfrica Map Ghana. Just like that. Since then, Africa has touched me, inspired me and taught me many life lessons.

If you are curious about African music, I hope that my website helps you discover this rich continent with all the treasures it has to offer!

djembe shells
Moving Djembe Shells

Music is so closely connected with daily African life. By learning about its music, you'll learn about the continent itself.

This broader horizon and new respect will reflect in the way you live your own life: More freely and consciously.

But hey, you better come and discover this yourself! It's an exciting "safari". I see you in Africa!

Thank you for visiting and please keep in touch!


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