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For a few minutes, an Africa music video can transfer you into the heart of Africa. Every month, I post the coolest, most beautiful or interesting one I stumble upon for you to enjoy. Sit back, relax and let Africa carry you off for a while...

August 2010 - Osibisa

Who doesn't remember and love "Sunshine Day" by this legendary band!

This month, Ghanaian radio stations played nothing but Osibisa tracks in honor of Mac Tontoh, who passed away in Accra on Aug. 27th, 2010.

The video shows him at the trumpet in 1976. Rest in peace Mac Tontoh. Ghana will miss you.

July 2010 - King Ayisoba

When I first came to Ghana in 2006, the track "I want to see you my father" was playing on all the radio stations. There's no Ghanaian alive that doesn't know and love that song!

In this further cool track here, King Ayisoba explains to the whole world that even a simple man with a cheap, two-stringed guitar (kologo) can get big. A very meaningful track for Africa!


June 2010 - Lokua Kanza

After a funny meeting with Lokua at the Afro-Pfingsten Festival, I have to make this the video of the month!

Lokua not only is a great artist at the top of the European World Music Charts: He's also a very down-to-earth man with a humble sense of humor.

Thank you Lokua and enjoy your Freshlyground CD!


May 2010 - Tinny

This really cool video shows Ghana as it is: the sign board painters, the cocoa beans, the flashy Galliwood movie special effects, the huge speakers in the streets, the love of all Ghanaians for their hiplife music, even the handshake in the beginning.

An amazing tribute to all things Ghanaian!

April 2010 - Don Metok

I love the colors and costumes in this romantic video! Finally, a modern artist dares to stick to traditional African elements. Well done, Don Metok!

Don Metok is an IT specialist from Benin. He might make music as a hobby, because he's hardly known outside the country and I can't find his tracks on any online music store.

Don't miss my next Africa music video of the month!

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