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African Tribal Music and Modern Genres

Just like the continent itself, Africa music is so diverse that it would be ignorant to just throw it all in one pot. Discover how each nation has developed its own styles and musical identity.

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Africa Music from Congo

Congolese Music

The dance music from both Kinshasa and Brazzaville is for fun-loving people! Stars like Koffi Olomide have brought N'dombolo, tcha tcho and other dance music genres to world-wide fame.

Ghana Flag

Ghana Music

Ghana is a paradise for fans of both traditional drumming, tropical highlife dance music and modern hiplife. Mustapha Tettey Addy is one of the country's most prominent traditional drummers.

Guinea Music


Thanks to former President Sekou Touré, traditional music is still very popular in Guinea. The country can boast of many famous Masters of the djembe drum, like Bolokada Conde or Mamady Keita.

Ivorian music

Ivorian Music

Despite wars and trials, Ivorians are sweet and fun-loving people. Both unrestrained coupé décalé dancing and socio-critical lyrics by artists like Dobet Gnahore or Alpha Blondy are part of their identity.

Mali Music

Mali Music

Mali seems to be an inexhaustible source of brilliant neo-traditional music with an exotic touch. Salif Keita or Amadou and Mariam are just two examples of the many famous artists in the country.

Africa Music - Morocco

Morocco Music

Although Morocco certainly lies on the African continent, the music from countries above the Sahara desert isn't really considered "African". Visit for infos.

Naija Music


Traditional music, fuji and highlife are the most remarkable genres in Naija. Fela Anikulapo Kuti or P-Square are some of the artists that the whole world has noticed.

Senegal music

Senegal Music

This small country has produced big stars like Akon, Baaba Maal and Youssou N'Dour. It is famous for the popular music style called mbalax, which is based on traditional sabar drum rhythms.

South African music

South African Music

The music of South Africa is as diverse as the nation's population. But much of the music of its greatest stars (like Miriam Makeba or Lucky Dube) is influenced by the struggles in former appartheid.

Tanzania Music

Tanzania Music

Tanzania's urban youth music called Bongo Flava is influenced by Congolese styles, hip hop, R&B, pop and other modern genres from Africa and the West.

Zimbabwe Africa Music

Zimbabwe Music

Zimbabwe is known for its centuries-old Shona tradition of the African thumb piano named mbira. Chimurenga is based on these mbira rhythms and now a very popular African music genre.

This list of Africa music is by no means complete. But it will give you a first impression of the continent's musical richness.

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