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Recent Articles

  1. Axatse Gourd Rattles - African Rattles Of The Ewe People

    The Axatse is one of many gourd rattles in Africa. Let's visit the Ewe people of Ghana to learn more about this shaker...

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  2. The Gankogui - An African Bell With A Guiding Role

    The African bell called Gankogui is always present in one of West Africa's most famous drumming styles...

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  3. List Of Music Genres In Africa

    Africa can boast of many music genres and styles you may get hooked on. This list will help you get started.

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  4. Djembe Skins: 6 Tips To Find The Most Suitable Drum Hide

    Consider these 6 things and you will find and buy the most suitable djembe skins for traditional djembe drum heads...

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  5. The RnB Singer Akon Comes From Senegal

    The popular American singer Akon proudly demonstrates his African heritage - and Africans are among his biggest fans.

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  6. Mustapha Tettey Addy - African Master Drummer From Ghana

    Mustapha Tettey Addy is a respected Ghanaian drummer and famous for his Kpanlogo music. Find out about his life and work here...

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  7. Bolokada Conde - One Of The Most Famous African Drummers

    Bolokada Conde is a master djembe drummer and teacher from Guinea. Discover the rhythmic poetry of his traditional Malinke beats...

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  8. Amadou And Mariam - The Blind Singers From Mali

    Amadou and Mariam are the two famous blind singers that create a truly unique sound called Afro Blues. Listen to their music...

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  9. Miriam Makeba - Her Music And Her Role In Democracy

    Discover the music of Miriam Makeba and her role in democracy: Mama Africa was a fighter for her country and a witness to the birth of her continent...

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  10. Lucky Dube Bio - 10 Interesting Facts About His Life

    The Lucky Dube bio is remarkable. Find the 10 most interesting facts that you didn't know about Lucky Dube, the South African reggae star.

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  11. Youssou N'Dour - Captivating Music From Senegal

    Youssou NDour is one of the greatest African artists alive! His music impacts your senses and on whole societies...

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  12. Koffi Olomide - African Music To Dance The Night Away

    Koffi Olomide and his sensual Soukous music will get you in the right mood for a perfect night out. Find out more about the Congolese star...

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  13. Soweto Gospel Choir - South African Gospel Music At Its Best

    The Soweto Gospel Choir will lift your spirit and give you goosebumps! Witness the talent of these South African gospel singers...

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  14. African Balafon History - The Sosso Bala

    The origin of every African balafon is the Sosso Bala. Learn how the wooden xylophone became a symbol of freedom for the Mande peoples.

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  15. African Thumb Piano Introduction - Facts, Names, Origin, Samples

    The sound of the African thumb piano (also called mbira, likembe, kalimba etc.) is too cute to be ignored any longer. Learn about this African idiophone here...

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  16. Djembe History - From African Village To World Stage

    Every fan should know about djembe history, origin and cultural context to better understand and respect the old traditions.

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  17. Pata Pata Miriam Makeba - Watch The Video And Read The Lyrics

    Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba is a traditional South African dance and the song was her biggest hit.

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  18. Fely Tchaco

    Fely Tchaco is an independent artist, singer, songwriter and dancer from Cote d'Ivoire West Africa. She infuses African music with modern and western

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  19. Live Chat with the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

    The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars take a break from their current tour to offer a live, interactive video chat where you can learn more about their music and refugee experience. Join the chat to supp…

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  20. The Story of the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

  21. List of African Artists - Africa's Best Singers And Musicians

    This list of African artists from all over the continent helps you find the best African singers, drummers or musicians - something for every taste.

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  22. P-Square - Nigerian Singer Twins Top In African Dance Music

    P-Square are internationally known Nigerian singers, touring the world with African dance music. Listen to this Nigerian music online...

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  23. Miriam Makeba - Unhome

    I so love the song Unhome by Miriam Makeba, it calms me down even though I don't know a single woard in it. I need the translation please, anyone?

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  24. Khawuleza (Miriam Makeba)

    Khawuleza was originally recorded in the 1950's by South African singer Dorothy Masuka. Although Dorothy and Miriam Makeba were competitors in the music

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  25. Oxamu - Click Song 2 (Miriam Makeba)

    This song is a rhyme of nonsense words with no meaning. Kids in South Africa sing it to practise the various clicking sounds of the Xhosa language. I belive

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