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Have you ever set foot on the African continent yourself? Great! Lots of people around the world, who never had the chance (or the courage) to travel, will love to read your story!

When touring Africa, it's hard not to come across great performances, amazing dances and weird ceremonies. But often, it is difficult to capture those moments on camera!

If you witnessed an authentic African music event, and even managed to take some pictures or videos, please share your experience here:

Any Nice Musical Memories Of Your Africa Trip?

- Witnessed an amazing concert?
- Made friends with African musicians?
- Studied African drumming with the masters?
- Walked into a traditional funeral or other ceremony?

As long as it has to do with music, we love to hear your story! Please share it here:

Submitted Travel Stories:

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Ritual dance by the Bana tribe in Ethiopia Not rated yet
On our travels through Africa we were most impressed by our encounters with some ancient indigenous tribes. One of those tribes were the Bana (or Banna), …

Ewe drumming video of a funeral in Atsiekpui, Volta Region of Ghana  Not rated yet
In November 2009, I had to leave Ghana and cross the border to Togo because my visa was once again about to exire. I had promised to write about Ewe music …

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