African Singers You Must Know

The Most Famous African Music Talents

African singers are gaining more and more loyal fans even in the West. No matter if they are on a higher mission or just entertain, these artists inspire and get you grooving to their tunes. Let's meet some of them:

Youssou N'Dour African Singer

Youssou N'Dour

One Of The World's Greatest Singers

If there's only one African artist you are aware of, it's probably Youssou N'Dour. He likely is the most famous African musician alive.

The griot from Senegal is highly respected in his country for shaping the mbalax music style and for his active involvement in his society.

Fans around the globe agree that with his talent, he is one of the world's greatest singers and composers.

Lucky Dube African Singer

Lucky Dube

Conscious And Mature Reggae

If you are looking for reggae that's about more than just dreadlocks and herb, Lucky Dube is for you! He has taken the Jamaican music style to another level with his unique voice and touching lyrics.

Lucky is the reggae star of the continent. Since his tragic death in 2007, his popularity has only gone up.

Let fans help you decide which Lucky Dube MP3 tracks are worth downloading.

Dobet Gnahore - African Artist

Dobet Gnahore

Your Next Favorite African Female Artist!

My personal African music tip: I know you will love this young woman from the Ivory Coast!

Dobet Gnahore mixes various African styles and sings in several languages ballads and danceable tunes.

Her warm voice and her passionate, energetic stage presence make her the female African star of the future!

Miriam Makeba - African Singer

Miriam Makeba

The Witness To The Birth Of A Continent

We all mourn "Mama Africa", the first African artist that has gained popularity in the West.

The touching biography of Miriam Makeba not only tells the story of a beautiful, strong-willed woman but also of African history: oppressing colonization followed by liberation movements all over the continent.

In addition, find Miriam Makeba lyrics, videos and background info of your favorite songs on this site.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - African Singers

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The Legendary Men's A Cappella Choir

Ladysmith Black Mambazo has been around for nearly 40 years. These South African singers know how to move audiences around the world with nothing but their voices.

This music is perfect for a cold winter evening at home. These soothing African harmonies will definitely warm up your heart...

South African Singers

Soweto Gospel Choir

Heavenly Voices From South Africa

The energy and power of the Soweto Gospel Choir will touch your soul and lift your spirit!

When the greatest talents of the South African townships praise God with their songs, even Lucifer could be tempted to join in.

In need for some soul food? Then check them out.

Bisso Na Bisso

Bisso Na Bisso

The Finest Of African Hip Hop

You perfect introduction to African music if you like French hip hop!

Bisso Na Bisso recorded the legendary collectors album "Racines" in 1999. The magic blend of rap and Congolese soukous rhythms has haunted melancholic fans for years.

Now, 10 years later, the group is back with a new album!

Salif Keita African Singer

Salif Keita

The Golden Voice Of Africa

Salif Keita is said to be the greatest African singers that the continent has ever produced. He is the idol of any young musician on the continent.

But for this successful artist from Mali life was not easy. Read the details about how Salif Keita made it from curse to fame.

Koffi Olomide (African Singer)

Koffi Olomide

Dance The Night Away

Looking for fun dance tunes with an African touch? Look no further than Koffi Olomide, the star of Soukous and Tcha-tcho!

The lover boy from Congo-Kinshasa recorded 30 albums in 30 years, and his fans still don't get enough of him...

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