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The Miriam Makeba Story - In Her Own Words

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I read the biography of Miriam Makeba after her passing away in 2008: the famous African singer that I've heard so much, but knew so little about.

What a touching life story!

Miriam Makeba was more than just a star or a political figure: She was a woman, a daughter, wife and mother. And as you read her story in her own words, she becomes your sister.

You'll hope with her, you'll cry with her, you'll rejoice and you'll sing with her.

I never expected I could get so much out of a star's biography. Miriam does not just brag about her success. She openly admits mistakes, failures, disappointments and losses.

That's why any woman can relate to her.

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Biography Miriam Makeba
The Biography Of
Miriam Makeba