Congolese Music CDs and DVDs

Congolese Music CDs and DVDs

by Robert
(New Zealand)

I need DVDs and CDs from Koffi Olomide, Extra Musica, Etat Major and other Congolese music. How can I get them? Thank you.

Answer by

Hi Robert,

On, you can find great CDs and DVDs of Congolese artists. Some are more easily available than others though:

Can anybody suggest further artists? also ships to countries other than the USA unless otherwise indicated. Enjoy!

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Editions Populaires: 10th Anniversaire 1965-1975/Franco.
by: D.Njoku

I have been trying to acquire a copy of this Franco CD for ages. Can you say whether or not it is still available and if so where can I buy it!

Other great Congolese musicians
by: Anonymous

We have nusicians like; Felix wanzekwa, Fally Ipupa, zaiko langa langa, Aulus mabelle,Tsalla Muana.........etc
They are great the list is inexhaustive

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