Your Djembe Case Made in Africa
by African Artisans

Why buy a djembe case made in China in an online shop or music store, if you can support Africa instead? Let me introduce a special guy to you: 

Ras, your djembe case maker in Ghana, West AfricaRas, your djembe case maker in Ghana, West Africa

Ras is part of a team of young tailors in Ghana, West Africa, that specializes on all sorts of cool African bags. Together, they sew themselves out of poverty. These guys are a wonderful example of a typical African micro business: They want no foreign aid nor charity to feed their families and send their kids to school. All they need is happy customers! 

I love their work and think they deserve a chance. Here is what they have to offer: 

Quality Rasta Djembe Case

This look is a favorite in the whole of West Africa: 

Every young African drummer I know owns at least one piece of clothing or bag with this look. 

  • The patchwork technique creates
  • a wild mix of bright colors
  • made of quality African fabrics.
  • For standard size 13"-face djembes.

A must-have for any djembe player! 

Of course, your bag will look slightly different from the one in the picture: Each case is hand-made and unique. Nobody else will have the exact same bag! 

Not only beautiful, but practical as well

Because Ras has been supplying drummers for years, he knows what's important to you:

Spend less time packing and more time jamming

The handy tightening system makes packing and unpacking a snap. Most importantly, it ensures that your drum is tightly and securely wrapped.

Chill out without worries

Drumming events are there to enjoy, not to make you worry about your djembe getting damaged. A thick pad protects the hide effectively. In fact, the whole bag is padded and very sturdy to avoid scratches and holes.

Fits you and your drum

Easily adjust the padded shoulder straps to carry your drum more comfortably. The bag is designed to fit standard size djembes with a 13"-diameter head and 25" hight.


Hi Helen,
My bag has arrived and it is beautiful! Thank you very much, and please pass on my compliments to the artisans who created it! Cheers,
Emma (Australia)

Hey Helen,
The bag is great. It's for my daughter's Christmas present. I'm sure she'll love it. I've got you bookmarked in case she needs others. Thank you,
Raylene (USA)

Dear Helen,
The bag is really beautiful, please thank the guys who made it, it's perfect for my Jembe! Best Regards,
Scibor (UK)

Hi Helen,
I wanted to let you know that my djembe bag arrived yesterday and it is great! It fits my drum perfectly and I love the patchwork colour scheme. Thanks again.
Chris (Canada)

Liebe Helen,
Meine Djembe-Tasche ist nun hier angekommen. Ich finde sie wirklich ganz wunderbar und danke Dir für diese tolle, farbenfrohe und sehr schöne Tasche! Beste Grüsse,
Bettina (Deutschland)

How to Order

I'm so sorry, Ras' djembe cases are currently out of Stock. Please check again later.

In the meantime, I recommend the djembe bags sold by Heartwood Project on These do NOT have the same features as the cases made by Ras and his team, but you can be assured that these bags are made in West Africa as well: