Your Djembe Drum Guide
Tipps on Purchase, Maintenance, Playing

Discovering the world of the djembe drum is fun and exciting. In this guide you'll find lots of information that helps you get the most out of your new passion right from the start: 

Learn to Play the Djembe

I'll always remember the effect my first lesson had on me many years ago: It energized my body and relaxed my mind. I had found a great way to get a feeling of Africa right in my hometown. Why not try it yourself? 

Want To Learn To Play? How to Go About It...
To get started, you may want to read this. It gives you a quick overview of how to approach your new hobby.

Instructional DVD for Beginners: Remembering How to Drum
This DVD removes your fear of drumming by giving you a solid foundation in the privacy of your home. Find out why I think this DVD is the best choice for a beginner.

Further learning resources are:

Buying a Djembe Drum

Nowadays, most bigger music stores have djembe drums for sale. But finding the right one for you is a bit more complicated when you're new to the drumming world.

Types Of Djembe Drums
Not all drums that are offered are authentic African instruments and not all retailers are clear about that. So inform yourself about the different types before you walk into a store!

(Read the history page to understand the cultural context and importance of its tradition in West Africa.)

Buy a drum that you'll enjoy playing for a long time!

Maintenance and Repair

Your drum needs proper care and maintenance just like any other music instrument. Keep it in shape and it will last you a long time:

Ask The Repair And Maintenance Specialist 
Kingy Mensah is an experienced drum builder in Ghana, West Africa. He guides you through this whole maintenance section and answers your questions.

Kingy MensahKingy Mensah

How To Fix Wood Cracks
Ugly cracks can appear in hot and dry weather conditions. This doesn't mean the end of your drum, but needs to be taken care of. Here's how. 

Rope Replacement Part 1 - Tie Knots To The Rings
If your rope is in very bad shape, you need to completely remove and replace it. Learn how to properly tie the knots back onto the rings.

Rope Replacement Part 2 - Vertical Stringing
As a second step, you'll find easy-to-follow instructions on how to redo the verticals correctly.

6 Tips To Find Suitable Djembe Skins
Consider these 6 things and you will find and buy the most suitable djembe skins for traditional djembe heads...

Accessories & Tools

Ethnic Drum Bag - Handmade in Africa
This is the typical type of bag that African drummers use in their homeland. Meet the guys that make these bags and get one for yourself, if you like.

Remo Drum Case - Simple And Elegant
The Western Brand "Remo" makes bags that perfectly fit their instruments. If you have a Remo drum, this type of bag will suit your needs.

Drum Stands - Things To Consider Before You Buy
Drum stands have advantages. That's why even Master drummers like Mamady Keita use them. Consider these thing to find the one that best suits your needs.

Other useful accessories are:

By the way, you'll also find lots of info on other African percussion instruments here.