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Are you looking for djembe lessons because you're tired of mindlessly pounding your drum in a drum circle? Do you wish you could learn from an African Master Drummer?

I've got something for you:

I recently stumbled upon some great online video lessons by an African teacher. Here's a screen shot of the video:

djembe lessons
This is just a screen shot of the free lesson,
you can't play the video from here.

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What other students say:

“Thanks for your great lessons, I have been playing the Sama & Sunu Rhythms non stop for the past week and love them. Very easy to follow. Thanks.” - Christian Aindow

“I searched through the internet for hours and beyond a shadow of a doubt you are the most authentic and qualified teacher. And your lessons are superb. THANK YOU — Luqman Slaise, London, UK.

Each lesson:

  • is about 45 - 60 minutes long
  • demonstrates the basic strokes "bass", "tone" and "slap"
  • gives an overview of playing techniques
  • teaches a rhythm step by step
  • teaches a cross rhythm that accompanies the main rhythm

I downloaded and saved them to my computer.

Now, I can learn at home, without having to carry my drum across town to my drum circle. If I forget the rhythm, I just play the video again and review it anytime I want!

But, here's what I love the most about these lessons, and the reason why I want to share them with you: You can...

Download One Trial Lesson Absolutely FREE!

The 45-minute video teaches you the Rhumba and its cross rhythm, step by step. It provides great value at no cost at all.

I was curious and tried it myself:

The free lesson is yours to keep, even if you don't purchase any further lessons after that! So, you really have nothing to lose.

Have fun learning new rhythms!

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