Compare Djembe Stands
Things To Consider Before You Buy

Djembe stands are an invention of the West. Traditional  drummers often prefer straps or play in a sitting position. But a drum stand can be very useful:

Mamady Keita uses djembe standsMamady Keita uses stands

Advantages of Djembe Stands

  • it lifts the drum off the floor for better resonance
  • it allows you to play a whole set of drums
  • when playing in a standing position, it prevents back pains caused by playing with straps
  • when playing in a seating position, there's no more need to embrace the djembe with your legs

As you see, there are good reasons to get a stand. Even djembefolas like Mamady Keita use them.

Which is the Best Drum Stand for Me?

Various types of stands are available. Consider the following to find the one that best suits your needs:

Ease of use
Some stands are easy to set up, others make you miss half the jam session.

Transport and storage
If you need to move the stand around between drum sessions, get one that folds away to save space during transport and storage.

Some stands are for sitting position only. Others have an adjustable height.

Make sure the stand fits the size of your drum.

Most stands hold the drum at a flexible angle, but some don't.

The most expensive one is not necessarily the best for your needs.