Dobet Gnahore - Djiguene

Women Of The World: This Song Is For You!

Dobet Gnahore Djiguene - Djiguene means "woman" in English. This empowering song is one of my favorite tracks on Dobet Gnahore's second album Na afriki. The lyrics are in Wolof, a language from Senegal and honor the women of the world. (You'll find the English translation below).

Turn up the volume, get up and celebrate your womanhood with Dobet Gnahore!

Dobet Gnahore Djiguene Lyrics:

Sope na la, yow djambarou keur gui
Yow mi topoto com com mou toll
Yow mi yarr khalléyi
Di saar djanguoro gui
Sope na la, yow djiguene diou lakhou dji
Yow mi khekhe nguir nit mome boppam
Yow mi khekhe nguir djam dji yague loll tchi kaw sof
Yow yaye soumo yakari euleuk
Han djiguene afric djeguene aduna djiguene europe

Djiguene mousso gnonnon djiguene femme

Sope nallu yow djiguene bou am sotoura bi
Yow mi ndeyou djirime yi niak n'deye, niak baye
Yow mi am yeurmandé te tabé
Yow ya takh gouneyiye fekhe
Yow yaye m'bégueul dieur madé
Yow yaye yakar di bidew
Yow yaye kiraye gouneyi
Yow yaye yakar ri euleuk
Yow mi khamm thiossane
Djigueen afric djigueen adona

Djiguene mousso gnonnon djiguene femme

English Translation of Dobet Gnahore Djiguene:

I admire you, woman of the fields
you, who cultivates the earth and feeds our children
you, who knows the secrets of plants and heals sickness.

I admire you, woman of the shadows
you, who fights for freedom
you, who battles for peace
to change the world

you are the future, woman
you, who knows how to forgive
woman of Africa, woman of Asia, woman of Europe, woman of the world

From her album
"Na Afriki"

I admire you, ghetto woman
you, who becomes a loving mother
to orphans who have lost everything
you, who are so sensitive and generous

because of you, these young people can smile
you are love, you are forgiveness
you are hope, you are a star
you, who knows how to speak fine words

woman of Africa, woman of Asia, woman of Europe,
woman of the world

(translation by Mayueye Ndiaye and Lamine Samb)

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