Dobet Gnahore - Issa

Thoughtful Lyrics For A Reflective Evening At Home

Dobet Gnahore Issa - Issa is one of the many beautiful tracks of Dobet Gnahore's second album Na afriki. The thoughtful lyrics of the calm but soulful song are in Malinké, a language from Mali. You'll find the English translation below.

Sit somewhere cozy, light a candle and let this ballad remind you to make the best of the limited time you are given to live on this earth...

Dobet Gnahore Issa Lyrics:

Wéha Wééha
Ikana djouya idjéréla
Idissé kafra finyéla
I di sé kawa taafé
Wati tétambi habadam
Idissé ki tolo malo

Wéha Wééha
Ikana fô koui kélenle
Alou yilassi la lonbé
Anbé dissé kola
Dougnaro ikanagnina

Issa iye ye issa ha ha
Weka ka mouchte aboukoulouyo kamouchte
Ikani ibolo dji, allah yifé oh
I yé yé yé iyé

Fouye wati lémina
Ikana makonolike boutoun
Ikana makololike boutoun
Ala yi fe ho

Issa sigui idje iboko ka sidji idje
Issa sidji hibowo

English Translation:

don't be so hard on yourself
you can stop seeing black
you can still take a step towards the light
a single step that changes everything
it's never too late
stop not hearing anything

From her album
"Na Afriki"

you can still listen
don't say that you are alone
your parents do everything to reason with you
they advise you every day
you prefer to profit from life as you hear it
without doing anything with your existence
you do nothing to be appreciated
we can all succeed in life, don't forget
don't lower your arms, God is beside you
you just have to seize the moment
don't wait any longer, the years will pass
open your eyes to see in front of you

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