Lucky Dube Bio
10 Interesting Facts About His Life

The Lucky Dube bio is remarkable. When carjackers murdered him in 2007, it was amazing to witness how the whole of Africa was mourning him. In Ghana, I could hear his music in every drinking spot, every taxi and on every radio station. Every kid knows his name and music there!

Because Ghanaians were such crazy fans, I really started to wonder who this man was. Here's a quick list of the most interesting facts about the biography of Lucky Dube:

10 Lucky Dube Bio Facts

1 - His Birth

Lucky Dube was born on 3rd August 1964 on a small farm in Ermelo, in South Africa. 

2 - His Name

"Lucky Philip Dube" was his real name. Thankful about his birth, his mother named him like that after having lost a baby.

3 - His Childhood

Like many other kids in Africa, Lucky often had to work and help support his family instead of going to school. He once worked as a gardener or as a library assistant. 
He was partly raised by his granny because as a single mom, his mother was working a lot as well.

4 - His Music

He started to make music when he was still a child. He recorded a number of "mbaqanga" albums in the languages of Zulu and Afrikaans before switching to reggae in 1984, inspired by Peter Tosh. 

5 - His Career

He was the biggest selling reggae artist of South Africa. His album Prisoner was South Africa's best selling album of the 1980s/90s and Victims sold over 1 mio copies. The compilation Serious Reggae Business had phenomenal sales in Ghana. He won over 20 awards in South Africa and internationally. He was on tour most of his life.

6 - His Movies

He appeared in the movies "Getting Lucky", "Lucky Strikes Back" and in the feature film "Voice In The Dark".

7 - His Private Life

He and his wife Zanele had seven children. He was a big fan and owner of horses.

8 - His Home Country

The Apartheid government came into power in 1948 and officially discriminated the black population until the 1990ies. Around 19'000 murders were registered in South Africa during the year 2008. Most victims are young, black males.

9 - His Principles

He strictly refused to smoke ganja, drink alcohol or use any other drug in order to be a good example for his children and the youth. He was a peaceful protester against racial discrimination, war and crime.

10 - His Death

During an attempted carjacking on 18.10.2007 in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg, he was shot and killed in his car in front of the eyes of his teenage kids. He was only 43 years old. The three murderers were caught and jailed for life.

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