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Which Lucky Dube MP3 tracks should a new fan download? No question, they are all great. But with over 20 recorded albums it can be hard to decide where to start.

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Fugitive (Lucky Dube) 
Lyrics Fugitive by Lucky Dube i've been sitting here for many days now they've been looking for me for many days too from where im …

Respect (Lucky Dube) 
Respect is what we need and what we need to give. Even to our enemies. The world would look completely different if everyone would just show some respect …

Shut Up (Lucky Dube) Not rated yet
Shut up by Lucky Dube is full of wisdom! Everyone who likes gossiping and making enemies should listen to it very carefully. Everything you do in life …

It's Not Easy (Lucky Dube) Not rated yet
It's not easy by Lucky Dube is a most touching love song about how wrong choices can cause pain in your life: A man falls in love with a beautiful woman …

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