Lucky Dube
A Reggae Artist With Something To Say

Lucky Dube is for you, if you love reggae but are looking for more than just dreadlocks and ganja. This is "highly nutritional" music from a conscious man, who actually has something to say. 

The African reggae artist took the Jamaican music style to another level with his unique voice and touching lyrics.


Lucky Dube Songs - Real Life Stories

Lucky loved to watch people, their movements, the things they do. His songs are based on real life situations and experiences of ordinary people. 

That's probably why his music gives you goosebumps. Anybody can relate to it. As for me, I can't listen to his song "It's not easy" without my heart getting stirred up. 

There's inspiration, advice and wisdom in all of his 22 albums. That's what I love about it. It's like meat and potato in today's tasteless soup of meaningless noise. 

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His Protest Against Injustice

Lucky didn't make music solely for entertainment. His most important message can best be expressed in his own words:

"When I see a black man, I see the image of God.
When I see a white man, I see the image of God.
And that's the way it should be. We belong together."

That's a big word from a man who grew up under the oppression of the racist apartheid regime that ruled South Africa. His early music was a protest against this constant discrimination and injustice, that the black population suffered in his country. 

Values like togetherness and equal rights are always a central topic in his songs. Like many rastafarians, he is preaching peace and consciousness in his music. His first reggae album "Rastas Never Die" was quickly banned by the government in 1985 because of its anti-apartheid song texts. It had only sold 4000 copies.

Lucky Dube was no dreamer: 

"This oneness and this peace, this one love we talk about maybe only exists in our mind. It doesn't really exist in real life. Because politicians will always divide people."

However, no setback of this kind can discourage a person with a vision. Lucky continued to be outspoken in his music and stand for what he believed in until his death in 2007. That's probably why he got so much love and respect from his fans.

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