Qongqothwane - Click Song 1 (Miriam Makeba)

Qongqothwane - Click Song 1 (Miriam Makeba)

Qongqothwane is a song by the Manhattan Brothers. Miriam Makeba was their lead singer in the 1950s, years before she left South Africa.

In the video she demonstrates the amazing clicking sounds of the letters "q" and "x" in her native language "Xhosa".

In her biography, Miriam sais that because of her Xhosa songs, journalists used to call her "click-click girl". She wasn't very happy about that though.

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Qongqothwane - Click Song 1 Lyrics

Igqira lendlela ngu qongqothwane (repeat)
Sebeqabele gqi thapha bathi ngu qongqothwane (repeat)

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May 01, 2011
More info on qongqothwane
by: Carol S

There's more info on this song in Miriam's book The World of African Song (Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1971)with the following translation "The doctor of the road is the beetle/He climbed past this way/They say it is the beetle/Oh!It is the beetle. She explains the song as a traditional folk song which refers to the knocking beetle which makes clicking sounds and can revolve the top part of its body in any direction. The beetle is used in children's games to point the way home, but also has a deeper symbolism, pointing the way to a better future in times of trouble. In her biography (p.86), she mentions singing it in The Village Vanguard Club in New York, and calls it a "Xhosa song about a dreamy bride"; there is also a mention on the Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Click_Song about it being sung at weddings to bring good fortune. Hope this is helpful, I've found it difficult to get info about this song on the 'net.

Carol S, New Zealand

Feb 01, 2010
rough translation
by: Anonymous

Diviner of the roadways – the knock knock beetle
It just passed by here – the knock knock beetle

Jan 07, 2010
English Translation
by: African Music Safari

Can anybody provide the English translation of these lyrics? Would be great to have!

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