Remo Djembe Case

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Drum
Simply By Using A Djembe Bag

Are you thinking of buying a Remo djembe case for your drum? That's a good idea! Whether you play a key-tuned or a traditional African djembe, it's important that you protect your instrument well:

You can significantly increase the lifespan of your drum just by consequently using a djembe bag. Properly pack your djembe whenever you store or transport it. That prevents ugly scratches, water damages or broken keys. Especially the fragile drum head will thank you for it!

Quality djembe case by Remo

Remo offers quality djembe cases with a simple, elegant design. They come in two sizes to perfectly fit the 12" and 14" key-tuned Remo djembes. But I recommend it for any other djembe as well. Just make sure the measurements fit your drum (see below).

remo djembe case 12 inch
Remo Djembe Case
for 12" Drums

top diameter: 15"
bottom diameter: 8"
height: 24"

remo djembe bag 14 inch
Remo Djembe Bag
for 14" Drums

top diameter: 16"
bottom diameter: 10"
height: 26"

  • each bag is made of padded, heavy-duty canvas
  • the convenient side pocket holds tuning keys, notations or other small items
  • the shoulder straps and comfort grip handle make carrying your drum easy
  • the zip closure makes packing a matter of seconds
  • the simple, black design suits any taste

Where to buy

I've made very good experiences with and can recommend it, whether you live in the United States, Canada or Europe. I find their ordering process safe and easy and I've always received my items in perfect shape and on time.

Besides, Amazon offers a 30-day money back guarantee so that you don't take any risks by dealing with them.

Ordering Information

Click here for details on: 12" djembe case by Remo

Click here for details on: 14" djembe bag by Remo

Remember: Your djembe will thank you for using a bag, no matter which brand it is!

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