Ritual dance by the Bana tribe in Ethiopia

Ritual dance by the Bana tribe in Ethiopia

by Patrick

Ritual dance of the Bana tribe

Ritual dance of the Bana tribe

On our travels through Africa we were most impressed by our encounters with some ancient indigenous tribes. One of those tribes were the Bana (or Banna), who treated us to a ritual dance.

The lower Omo Valley in Ethiopia is a very remote region, which can only be reached by 4x4 jeeps or overland trucks. The lack of contact with the civilized world is the reason that so many ancient African tribes still live their traditional lives here.

After meeting the Dorse, Ari, Mursi, and Hamar tribes, our overland truck stopped to make camp near a Bana village. In no time, the truck was surrounded by a lot of curious members of this tribe. After a bit of negotiation with our guide, they agreed to come back to show us a ritual dance.

A few hours later, they did come back, and in larger numbers than before. Without the aid of instruments, the sang and danced for us for over an hour. And is was an experience we will never forget.

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