Salif Keita Difference Lyrics And Video

From The Album That Helps Albinos In Africa

Salif Keita Difference lyrics come from the title track of his new album "La Différence". The album is his personal reaction to fellow albinos being discriminated and murdered in various African countries.

This is what I love about Salif! Although he was able to build a comfortable life in Europe, he did not forget where he came from. The star recorded this song specifically to help albinos in Mali, who suffer from discrimination and injustice.

In this song, Salif reminds other albinos (and us all) of how beautiful life is. He says:

"Happiness is not for tomorrow, it starts here and now. Let's not be dominated by violence, selfishness, despair. Do not sacrifice to the cult of pessimism. Let's rise up!"

The song is in French, Mandinka and Bambara, so that albinos in Mali understand it:

Salif Keita Lyrics Difference

je suis un noir
ma peau est blanche
et moi j'aime bien ça
c'est la différence qui est jolie

je suis un blanc
mon sang est noir
et moi j'adore ça
c'est la différence qui est jolie

Salif Keita - La Difference

je voudrais
que nous nous entendions dans l'amour
que nous nous comprenions dans l'amour et dans la paix

la vie sera belle
chacun à son tour aura son amour
la vie sera belle

Support African Albinos!

Salif uses the funds from this album to protect albinos in Mali. Download the song to make a difference in somebody's life:

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