Shut Up (Lucky Dube)

Shut Up (Lucky Dube)

Shut up by Lucky Dube is full of wisdom! Everyone who likes gossiping and making enemies should listen to it very carefully. Everything you do in life will come back to you, whether good or bad. You'd better be good to everybody you meet: Even if it doesn't seem so now, you might depend on the person's help one day.

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Shut Up Lyrics

don't close the door behind you
you might wanna go through it some day
don't burn that bridge
you might wanna cross it some day

your best friends today
could be your worst enemies tomorrow
your worst enemies today
could be your best friends tomorrow

don't burn that bridge
don't cross that door

and if you can't say something good about somebody
oh shut up
and if you can't say something good about somebody
just shut up

ungafakaz' amanga ngomakhelwane wakho
ungakhulumi I'ndaba ezingafuni wena
vul'umlomo wakho ufak'ipapa lakho
vul'umlomo wakho ufak'inyama yakho
ungakhulumi'ndaba uxabanis'abantu
uma uthanda futhi ufak'amachips
amagwinya wona uwashiya nobani

don't say those words that will hurt people
don't do those things that will hurt people
the things you say today
will come and haunt you tomorrow
the things you do today
will come and haunt you tomorrow

do unto others as you would like them do unto you

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