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Ndembelle Women, South Africa
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Are you wondering what South African music sounds like? Well, let's find out! South AfricaSouth Africa map has a very active music scene and has been recording since the 1920s. There's certainly something in it for you.

Genres and Styles

The music in South Africa is as diverse as the people that live in this modern nation. Various African ethnic groups, European and Indian peoples bring their musical heritage to the stage.

What you wouldn't expect to find in an African nation, you'll find in South Africa: metal, rock, psychedelic trance, pop or drum'n'bass are very popular today. But you're probably more interested in the styles that made South Africa famous internationally:

Jazz, reggae, gospel and neo-traditional genres, that are based on the heritages of the country's native cultures. Successful artists often mix the various genres, creating intriguing new sounds.

South African Musicians - Mama Africa
South African Artists - Mama Africa

South African Musicians and Artists

This country can boast of artists that are famous in every corner of the world. I guarantee some names or songs will sound familiar to you!

I'm sure you've heard of Miriam Makeba, our beloved Mama Africa! May she rest in peace.

Another big star, who recently passed away is Luke Dube, South Africa's king of reggae.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the legendary choral group has been hugely successful for years.

Sold-out world tours of the Soweto Gospel Choir show once again how South African spiritual music inspires the international audience.

Other famous artists include Hugh Masekela, Dorothy Masuka, Johnny Clegg, Brenda Fassie or Freshlyground.


Rough Guide

As a new explorer, the Rough Guide to the Music of South Africa is a great CD for you to start with. With the big artists of South African Jazz, reggae, choral music and neo-traditional styles, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from this nation.

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I'm sure there's something for you in the huge variety of music in South Africa. Enjoy!

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