Soweto Gospel Choir
South African Gospel Singers Lift Your Spirit

This is food for the soul! The Soweto Gospel Choir with its powerful South African gospel music feeds you with spirit, joyful gratitude and lasting energy. 

No ensemble of instruments could rival the perfect blend of these soulful voices. They call out in beautiful, heart-felt prayers you just know will be answered. Their unique blend of African roots, pop, reggae and Negro spirituals never ceases to please hearts. 

Listen to their songs and I guarantee you will be touched!


Soweto (short form of South Western Townships) is part of Johannesburg, the largest city of South Africa. In 1976 Soweto became a symbol for the fight against Apartheid, after 500 students were injured or killed in a protest against the government. Today, you'll find some of the safest places of Johannesburg in Soweto, as well as some of the most dangerous in the world.

In the churches of Soweto is where David Mulovhedzi and Beverly Bryer recruited the best musical talents of the area and formed the Soweto Gospel Choir in 2002. One of their goals was to bring the beauty of the African culture to the whole world. And this they do so very successfully, as their sold out world tours prove.

Soweto Gospel Choir Albums

The choir has recorded several albums, each containing a different face of their music: From the happy beats of African music to the more solemn tones of gospel.

Their first album "Voices from Heaven" was nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Awards) for "Best Traditional Gospel". This same album also reached the Number 1 spot on Billboard's World Music Charts within three weeks of its release in the US.

On February 2007, they were awarded a Grammy for their CD “Blessed” in the category “Best Traditional World Music”. 

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For a Good Cause

The choir's success has pulled many of the members out of poverty. But despite their own needs, they have not forgotten about the needs of others: 

In 2003, the choir adopted Nkosi’s Haven, a care center for AIDS mothers and their children. Parts of the profit from CD sales and concerts are donated to this center as well as other outreach activities that the center operates. The choir's success has become a life saver for families and organizations in dire need of help.

World Tours

Even more rewarding than listening to their CDs is to witness the choir live on stage. The choir performs to packed audiences throughout North America and Europe, and many of their concerts are sold out months before the date of the event. No wonder:

This amazing group of people radiates a power and energy that you just can't resist. Their colorful costumes, groovy dance moves and expressive voices fill your heart with life. You need to experience it yourself!


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