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African Music Explorer #001 - Bags Packed? Off To Africa!
September 26, 2009

Are you in the mood for an African adventure? Then get ready!

Because of visa issues, I had to leave Ghana and spent the summer with family and friends at home in comfortable Switzerland. That allowed me to finally put some money in my pocket, some meat on my bones and the first pages of my new website in the internet.

(In case you're not familiar with my story: Read how I came to Ghana and what I've been doing there the last three years on my about me page.)

Now I can't wait to head back to Africa with you: We're leaving on the 1st of October! That's why this is the perfect occasion for this 1st issue of my newsletter, the African Music Explorer. Thank you for subscribing, I'm glad to have you on board!

So, what's the plan for the coming months? It's going to be all about


We are going to:

As you see, we have a lot to look forward to. The next issue of The Explorer will reach you directly from Ghana, West Africa!

Talk to you soon,

Helen from

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