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CDs with authentic African xylophone music can be difficult to find in the West. Here's a beautiful selection of balafon, marimba, gyil and timbila music that you can easily order online. I hope you'll enjoy them!

My personal favorite is Kakraba Lobi's "Song of Legaa". In 2006, I had a rather funny encounter with this Master xylophone player in Ghana. >

African Xylophone Music

African Xylophone CDs

Kakraba Lobi is well known in Ghana. He was a respected xylophone player from Northern Ghana and built the best gyil xylophones available in Accra.

But when I met him in 2006, I did not yet know about all this. Instead, I was taking gyil lessons from his son, who had borrowed a xylophone without his permission. Mr. Lobi secretly followed us across half of Accra to find his xylophone. Busted! I'll never forget this funny situation.

Just a couple of years later, Kakraba Lobi passed away. Ghana lost a great musician and instrument builder in him.

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