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African music is a safe and fun way for us Westerners to get in touch with Africa, to explore this fascinating continent, its peoples and cultures. A magical continent, intricate rhythms, unfamiliar voices and exotic dance moves... 

This website shall help you understand and fall in love with the music of Africa. 

Did you know that there is no genre called "Africa music"? In fact, this continent can be proud of many rich and diverse musical traditions. The more you learn about the music of Africa, the more you'll enjoy it. 

Let's go on a musical exploration tour!

South African Music

South Africa Flag

Our fist stop is South Africa, probably the most westernized and modern country of sub-saharaian Africa. It is the origin of many world stars and of various cool music styles. Let's discover them! 

Ghana Music

Welcome to Ghana, the land of traditional drums, tropical highlife music and trendy hiplife. Here, the general motto seems to be: "The louder, the better!" You'll definitely enjoy this quirky place... 

African Artists

This is your shortcut to famous singers and talented musicians. Here, you'll find the greatest artists from across Africa, all in one place. Get to know them and discover their best albums!

African Percussion Instruments

Who could count the large number of percussion instruments in Africa! Every tribe has invented its own, but they often have similar features. Let's look at some of these different categories.

African Drums

We all know that Africa is the land of drums. But few people are aware of how rich and diverse its many drum cultures really are. Each instrument has its particular rhythms and purposes.

Djembe Drum

Africa's most famous drum! Here, you'll find answers to questions like: Where does the djembe originate? What type of djembe should I buy? How can I learn to play and tune my drum?

African Music History

Music is deeply rooted in African culture. The more you learn about it, the better you'll understand the continent itself, its cultures and its people.

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